Bio Eco Arch Home is developing residential and multifamily/co-housing architectural and interior design plans that strictly adhere to sustainability and wellness standards in design, materials, and construction methodology.


For a limited time, Bio Eco Arc Home will be offering a standardized construction documents and specifications, free of charge, for environmentally conscious homeowners and builders. Additional services, such as site-specific foundation plans, or other professional consultation will be available within an affordable, pre-determined fee structure.

Bio Eco Arc Home is generating new ideas to support home development that is biologically and ecologically sustainable, and provides advanced strategies that will not cost homeowners an arm and a leg, or cost our environment it’s roots or branches.

Bari Elizabeth Adele Hahn, AIA, Founder of Bio Eco Arc Home, is a pioneer in passive solar architectural design utilizing natural health and wellness strategies, sustainable design and alternative construction methods.  Bari is leading this disruptive design studio in the creation of affordable and healthy designs for the benefit of our clients and the environment. We hope you will join us in our mission, to improve lives utilizing our education and experience in architecture and sustainable design for the benefit of current and future generations, the beautiful blue-green planet Earth! 

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